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Year 5

             Welcome to Year 5 with Mrs Brandon


A huge warm welcome to both pupils and parents. I am very much looking forward to working with you and ensuring we have a positive year ahead.


We have settled back into school life quickly and although there are a few changes to the normal day all the children seem to be taking it in their stride. 


If you have any concerns at all please speak to me. I would always rather know if you are worried or concerned about something, so we can work to resolve it quickly. You may feel you don’t want to bother me with it, but if it is something that is bothering you I need to know so we can fix it and not spend time worrying about it. 


(This goes for pupils and parents alike!) 

General Information 



Please ensure all personal items are clearly labelled.


PE will be twice a week on a Tuesday and Thursday.


Ensure you have a bottle of clean drinking water every day.


You will need a small pencil case for your own resources.


We will be reading ‘The Explorer’ by Katherine Rundell during the first half term at school as a class text, in addition to many other topic related books which we will look at through our English sessions.

Your child is welcome to bring in their own copy of the text if they have it to read alongside if they wish. 


Reading is so incredibly important and we will be working hard this year to promote a love of reading. Please encourage your children to bring books in to recommend, also many positive experiences can be created by encouraging them to leave a positive review on sites like Amazon or contacting an author directly through Twitter or other media platforms.