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Year 3

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Thank you to Julia for inviting the Dogs Trust to come into school today.  Julia, Sophia and Amelia presented Alison from the charity with the money they raised through a colouring competition.  We then enjoyed a workshop which Alison ran with our class.  We all felt like we'd had lots of fun and learnt more about caring for dogs by the end.     

Dogs Trust Visit - 28.06.19

Writer of the Week 28.06

Congratulations to our star writer Ted for a good piece of writing with  conjunctions and ambitious vocabulary.

Making 3D Shapes

This week we enjoyed making 3D shapes from art straws.  We counted how many edges and vertices our shapes had.  

Writer of the Week - 21.06.19

Congratulations to Amelia for good use of conjunctions and super proofreading.

Writer of the Week 14.06.19

Congratulations to Lily-May for the wonderful descriptions in her poem contrasting the character's dream and reality.

Writer of the Week 7.06.19

Congratulations to Alexis for her super story-telling when writing text to match the illustrations from our book.
Today we have been learning about the functions of each part of a flowering plant.  We enjoyed using this song to help us:

The Parts of a Plant (song for kids about flower/stem/leaves/roots)

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Writer of the Week 17.05.19

Congratulations to our Writer of the Week Charlie L, for his super storytelling.

Writer of the Week 10.5.19

Congratulations to our Writer of the Week Joseph, for writing with confidence and enthusiasm. smiley

Writer of the Week 3.5.19

Congratulations to our writer of the week, Bea, for explaining her prediction clearly using evidence from the text to justify her ideas.

Writer of the Week

Congratulations to our Writer of the Week Harvey, for his super paragraphs and sub-headings smiley.

Writer of the Week

Congratulations to our Writer of the Week Katie for her super sentences explaining her ideas. smiley

Writer of the Week

Congratulations to our Writer of the Week Lucas for his excellent vocabulary. smiley

Writer of the Week

Congratulations to our Writer of the Week Kavin for his super sentence structure. smiley

Writer of the Week

Congratulations to our Writer of the Week Sarah for her wonderful letter. smiley

World Book Day 2019

We had a comfy day in our pyjamas to celebrate World Book Day 2019.

We read our own books whilst enjoying our hot chocolates. smiley


Attached are the writing expectations for year 3 and a useful glossary of grammar terms for parents.  As always, if you have any queries about these please ask smiley

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