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Week 4

Non-Chronological Reports: 


On Monday 18th May, we will have a session where children will have the opportunity to share the reports which they have written.

I would like you to ensure that the writing produced is clearly cohesive and resented to a high standard. 

Please view your writing as more of a 'project' than a task which needs to be done. Writers in the real-world, go through many stages in the planning, writing and publishing of their work. I want you to be really mindful about the quality which you are producing. 

I have already had some reports sent to me, however, I would ask that you look at these and ensure that there are all the features of non-chronological reports present such as:


- subheadings

- at least 5 paragraphs

- photos/drawings

- captions

- additional facts


I would like your work to look similar to the examples shown and which I have reattached below. 

I have included a pdf from the cohesive writing SPAG, so that you can be clear about the expectations.


Thank you for your ongoing effort and support.