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Wednesday 8th July

Good morning Year 3! smiley



I hope that you enjoyed the beginning of our new story. Read the extract again from yesterday and draw what you see in your imagination, you are becoming the illustrator of the book! You could even draw shapes or shading - anything that captures the place and the mood of this story opening. Remember, everyone has their own ideas and imagines things their own way. This is a good thing! To get started, ask yourself: Where does our story begin? What happens? How do you know? How does it make me feel? Does this change? How can I show this in a drawing? When you have finished please explain; Why have you chosen to draw it this way? Which words and phrases helped you make a picture?



Continuing our revision, today we will be finding fractions of a set of objects. Again, use the first sheet to discuss and share examples and then the second sheet for you to have a go.



Try out a Joe Wicks Live PE lesson or a dance routine from Oti Mabuse on YouTube. 


Geography - Do you know what an earthquake is? How do we measure earthquakes? 

Use the PowerPoint and video clip to understand key aspects of physical geography in the context of earthquakes. Then complete worksheet (page 2), focusing on the Mercalli Scale, you need to sort the cards into order of strength from the least to the most powerful and then choose four different descriptions to illustrate.