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Wednesday 6th May

Happy Wednesday smiley



Please log on to Purple Mash and check your 2Do's. I would like you to read Chapter 5 of 'The Sleeping Volcano' and complete the multiple choice questions. If you are struggling with the questions then print or minimise the PDF version of the story so that you can flick back to it to check for the answers. Then have a go at the SPaG activity sheet below.



Keep working on those problem solving skills, they are tricky but be determined, you can do it! Log on to White Rose's Home Learning activities using the links below, watch the video and complete the 'Lesson 4 - Problem Solving’ worksheet. As yesterday, you will need to pause the video, have a go, then press play to reveal the answers. Don't worry if you make a mistake, you can always go back and correct it afterwards. 



Joe Wicks Live PE lesson's are on every day from 9am.


Spanish - I would like you to practise saying and reading numbers up to 20. We have looked at 1-10 already in class so you may remember some of them. Please listen to the song on youtube to help you learn and then choose one of the activities below to do.

1) Play ‘What’s the time Mr Wolf?’ in Spanish '¿Qué hora es Señor Lobo?' 

For example; Reply – ‘uno en punto’ (1 o’clock) Move forward one step. ‘Hora de la cena’ – dinnertime

2) Play one of the games on the website below.