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Wednesday 29th April

Good morning!

A quick note - in our (virtual) staff meeting this week, Mrs Horton and Mr Killeen have asked teachers and TAs to start phoning parents on a weekly basis. Don't worry, we're not checking up on you! It's just an opportunity for us to keep in touch, check everything is going ok with the home learning and for you to ask us any questions you might have. So as of today, if you get a call from an unknown number, it's probably me or Ms Mair! We'll keep calls to school hours - I don't wake up that early any more haha!

Well done and thank you for all the brilliant work you've been sending in, we are very impressed!

Mr Ferguson smiley


Guided Reading

I know you've all probably exhausted the reading books we sent home by now and unfortunately, with school being locked up, we're currently unable to access any more for you. I've been looking at alternatives and luckily, Purple Mash has some chapter book available for your use - so we'll start using one today!

I have set Chapter 1 of "Ned and the Detectives" as a 2Do for you. Encourage your child to take their time and ask plenty of question to ensure that can discuss what they are reading. Then, there are three short activities for you to complete based around the chapter: 

- A short quiz about the text

- Two missing word activities to test how well they remember the text

In addition, I'll add a link to all the different books available so you can use them as and when you would like!


Maths - Finding Half

The main goal of today is that your child is able to confidently understand that "a half is one of two equal parts" and that "two halves make a whole". If they can remember this, you've done well!

Watch Lesson 4 on Week 1 of White Rose Home Learning – you may want to pause the video on each challenge to discuss each example with your child - can they identify half?

Then, complete the attached worksheet where they should colour in half of each shape.

Finally, there is an additional worksheet to complete which will further test their understanding of finding half!



Make a fact file about someone that you admire or find interesting - they can be living or dead! You can do this on your computer or handwrite it - the choice is yours! You should use the internet and/or books to research this person and your fact file should include:

  • Their name
  • A picture or drawing of the person you have chosen
  • The year they were born
  • What they are famous for
  • Some interesting facts

I have attached a fact file template for you to use, although you can of course make your own! smiley


Have a great day!