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Wednesday 29th April


Cosmic Kids Yoga, Joe Wickes available from 9am everyday. 

Although it's raining, it would be lovely to see you outside in the fresh air.  Can you jump up and down in the puddles?  What happens to the water when you jump in the puddle?


Following on from yesterday's new letter sound, can you play a game of Eye Spy looking for words that start with this week’s sound ‘m’. Explore your house or garden and see what objects you can find. Can your draw a picture of these objects and send them to me?


Today I would like you to access TopMark and have a go at the Ladybird Counting game. Please see link at the bottom of the 



Let's have a practise of our fine motor skills and let me know your thoughts...

'Dough Disco' is a fun activity which combines the use of play dough with a series of hand and finger exercises designed to improve fine muscle control. The movements develop children's fine and gross motor dexterity, hand-eye coordination and self-esteem.

What are the benefits of playdough?

Benefits of play dough

  • Enhances fine motor skill. ... 
  • Improves pre-writing skills. ... 
  • Creativity and imagination. ... 
  • Calming effect. ... 
  • Develops hand - eye coordination. ... 
  • Social skills. ... 
  • Increases curiosity and knowledge..

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