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Wednesday 29th April


Today I would like you to write the beginning of your myth story. Don't panic about writing, as long as you do your best that's all that matters. Take a look at the success criteria I've added below, try to add these things into your story but remember we are only writing the beginning so you don't need everything yet. Use the myth story planning sheet you completed last week to help you. For today just focus on the first two boxes which are describing your hero and setting and then explaining the problem your hero is trying to solve. I know some of you can struggle to get started, so if you would like to you can start with, 'Long ago there lived a...' 

You don't need to send it to me until it is complete, unless you would like me to check it or help at all. If you would like to, you can write it on the bordered paper I've added below or use any paper you have in your house.



Well done to everyone who completed the maths work yesterday - especially the last question - that was a brain teaser! For anyone who would like a bit of clarification or another practise at this, have a look at my example below and then try the two questions next to it. The two tricky bits are finding a times table that will go into all of the denominators and then remembering to change them back before putting them in order. Don't worry if you still find this hard, this is a challenge which links more to Year 4 (you'll be experts by then).


If you are a fractions fanatic and would like something harder, try these problems below:

As you are writing today in English, for your maths work I have set you a game to play practising ordering and comparing fractions using the link below.



Joe Wicks – Live PE lessons are on from 9am each weekday, or get dancing to Justin Bieber with Oti Mabuse using the link below.



Music - Have a go at singing our new Stone Age song using the link below. It is to the tune of ‘We Will Rock You’ by Queen – if you don’t know who they are then ask your parents!