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Wednesday 22nd April

Thank you again for the wonderful photographs that you are sharing with us everyday.  We really do miss the children and it's so lovely to see them with their families doing these lovely activities.


PE and Outdoor activities

While the sun is still shining and the weather is so beautiful where it is safe to do so, it is really important for us all to get outside in the fresh air.  Continue to practise those throwing, catching, kicking and bouncing ball skills.  Joe Wickes has his daily sessions on You Tube which are available all day.  I am also going to share a link to a rhyming exercise You Tube video that we do together in class, the children absolutely love it and I know it will bring a huge smile on their faces!!heart xx  (Copy and paste it into your browser)


Morning Prayer to start the day off together.



Can you play a game of Eye Spy looking for words that start with this week’s sound ‘n’.   Eye Spy is a firm favourite for tuning into and listening for initial sounds in words.  Have a go with the phonic sounds that your children have learnt so far.  Explore your house or garden and see what objects you can find. Can your draw a picture of these objects and send them to me? 



Collect your favourite toys - teddies, dolls, dinosaurs, cars, trains etc.  Can you place them in size order?  

Challenge: What else can you order by size?  Shoes, food packets, stones, branches etc.

Can you draw a picture of them? Remember to draw them different sizes.  Big, medium or small.



Can I paint a butterfly that matches on both sides? Look at pictures of butterflies and discuss how their wings match on both sides – draw attention to types of pattern. Explain that we will be making our own butterflies with wings that match. Ask children for ideas on how to do this. Explain that when the pattern matches on both sides of the body of the butterfly it is called symmetry.  Explain in more detail showing the colours and the shapes that match.  Can you spot any butterflies in your garden?  

If you require a butterfly template email me on the nursery class page and I can email one to you.


At bedtime can you share our end of the school day prayer with your children.  You can find this in your prayer pack that we sent home in book bags.