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Wednesday 22nd April

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Guided Reading

For this week's guided reading lesson we are going to read a new traditional tale - you should be experts on these! The fairy tale I have chosen is The Three Billy Goats Gruff. There are three different versions of this story that you can read, the page with one star at the bottom is the normal version, the page with two stars is a challenge, and the page with three stars is an extra challenge! Talk to your parents to decide which one you would like to try. Of course, you can always do more than one! When you have read the story and talked about it with your parents, there are some questions for you to answer. Remember, all the answers are in the text for you!


Maths - Making Equal Groups

Today we are moving on from doubling to making equal groups. Watch Lesson 2 on White Rose Home Learning - I have attached a link to the bottom of this page. smiley I think a brilliant idea would be to pause the video on each new example so you can talk about it with your problem and have a go yourself, just like we would do at school! To help with your understanding, you could practice using sorting your lego, toys or anything else into equal groups! Don't forget, equal means "the same", so every group must have the same amount of objects in them. 

Then have a go at completing the worksheet - take your time and if you get stuck, don't worry! Talk to your parents or watch the video again, I want you to feel super confident about this smiley



While we are at home with this beautiful sunny weather, I think it is a brilliant opportunity to learn about how some artists use nature in their artwork! I have attached a PowerPoint to help you learn all about this - I would especially like you to make sure you understand what the word "natural" means. In the PowerPoint there are lots of examples of different nature artwork, talk to your parents about which are your favourites and why!

For you activity, I would like you to use a pencil to create an "observational drawing" of something natural. This means that you are looking really closely at something to help you draw it smiley For example, on your daily walk you might find a pine cone and decide to draw that, or you might find a leaf in your garden - it's your choice! I'm very excited to see your brilliant artwork!