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Wednesday 22.4

*Spelling*  Spellings for Summer 1 are in the usual place on the spelling part of the class webpage.  As we are already a couple of days into the week I suggest testing the first week's spellings on Friday or Monday to give time to practise.  I have also added the full list of Year 2 Common Exception Words incase any of you want to check your children on these over the coming weeks.    



Play either the 5x table game or 3x table game at the bottom of this page.

OR make up your own game to practise either the 3x table or one of the other times table.  You could create a board game, possibly similar to Snakes and Ladders; moving up on the multiples of 3.  You could make separate cards to create a matching pairs game or you could make up a completely new game yourself!  Please keep any games your children create as it would be lovely for them to be able to play these with their friends in school when they get the chance.



Use the ideas from yesterday to write a poem about their chosen object.



Join in with Joe Wicks' PE lesson.



Follow the link to National Museums Liverpool.  Have a go at the My Home is My Museum activity.  All of the information for this activity is on the webpage and there is an example video.  I have also added Oliver's video as a further example.  Children choose up to 10 objects for their 'museum' and provide a short description for each.  National Museums Liverpool are running this activity as a competition.  If you choose to submit your child's work please read all of the information on the website around safeguarding carefully.  If you do video your child's museum please send me the video and I will upload these onto the Pictures Gallery on our Home Learning page so they can watch each other's.

My Home is My Museum

Still image for this video