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Wednesday 1st April

As you have shown me you are so good at writing I thought that you could start today by writing me 2000 words all about Greek myths... April fools! (I'm not really that mean!) 



Wow - I've been really impressed with all of the mythical creatures and heroes I have been sent so far smiley

To help you to learn more about Greek myths, today I've set you the challenge to read the myth 'Pandora's Box'. (I'll warn you - it is a little strange!) You could highlight any important information or anything you don't understand and then either ask an adult or look in the dictionary to find out what it means. I've also included a video clip you can watch too... this has a bit more detail in. After reading the story please answer the questions about it. As I always say, "It's not a memory test," so remember to keep looking back in the text to help you with your answers. 



First complete the following questions, recapping previous learning.

Then watch the video 'Fractions of a set of objects (2)' on the link below and complete the worksheet. 

Remember the trick - divide by the bottom and times by the top.


If you're struggling with fractions you could use a fraction wall (linked below), use objects in the house e.g. counters/marbles or draw out pictures of Base 10 or place value counters.

You could also try using Lego to make different fractions, as shown below:



Joe Wicks' Live PE lessons will be on youtube from 9am and they are available to access any time of the day.

Or you could just head outside for a game of football, how many kick-ups can you do in a row?



Spanish – Log on to Espresso – Key Stage 2 – Languages – Spanish (Module 1) – Practise the days of the week, numbers to 10 and the weather. Use the talking dictionary, watch the video and play the activities.