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Wednesday 1st April

Wednesday 1st April 2020

Fun with Phonics

Have fun spotting the tricky words with this interactive Busy Bee Hive game.

(Click on the power point link below)

Shout out the tricky words as you see them.

Next, try to think of some little sentences with tricky words in.

Can you now write down some of the tricky words you spotted?  You can have a go at writing some sentences with tricky words in if you like!


English / R.E./ Physical /Expressive Art & Design 

Click on the link to watch a BBC animated story about the first Easter


Talk to your Mummy, Daddy or grown up about the Easter story. Did you spot the cross? Remember how we make the sign of the cross before we say our prayers. Who are we thinking about when we make the sign of the cross?

Can you now make your own little Easter cross to remember Jesus? You could use paper, card, pebbles/stones, sticks, twigs from the garden or from your daily walk. Send in your pictures, we would love to see all of your crosses.



Have fun with this maths mastery interactive addition game

(click on the power point below to play)

Can you write out some of your own addition number sentences?


Understanding the World /  R.E.

It is nearly Easter time. Next week will be Holy week. We may not be able to gather together in church at this special time, but we can still treasure special moments with our families. Perhaps, as a family, you may like to make your own Easter garden.

See the link below for some ideas...



Have fun

Click Slide Show tab on top bar. Click 'From Beginning' tab to play. Click on each page.