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Wednesday 17.06

Story Time - Claude in the City by Alex T Smith

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Watch the PowerPoint to recap dividing by 2.  Then play the dividing by 2 game or match the cards together.  If you want a further challenge try these 3 questions.  28 ÷  2  =     32  ÷  2  =    46  ÷  2  =



Look again at the illustration from Monday's lesson and think about Claude choosing a different adventure every day.   Look at what he is thinking about in the illustration. What story is coming to mind as you look at the items in Claude’s imagination? What would happen? Who would it involve? Where is the story set? What adventurous things would happen?  Plan your own Claude adventure story by drawing or writing your ideas on the planning sheet.



Join in with Joe Wicks' PE lesson.  A link is on the main Year 2 home learning page.



Over the last couple of weeks we have been thinking about food groups and what makes a healthy diet.  Today we are thinking about the importance of exercise in keeping us healthy.  Watch the video clip about the heart.  Then complete the 'importance of exercise' sheet, choosing 4 different exercises and taking your heartbeat after each.  Your exercises could be running, star jumps, skipping, hopping or anything else you can think of (do each exercise for 2 minutes).  You could repeat your chosen exercises and see if there is any difference in your heartbeat.