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Wednesday 15.07


Year 3 are well ahead of us in the TTR battle at the moment but there are still 2 days left so if you can log on and earn some points for our class please do!

Today you have another problem, about a magic bean plant.  If you complete both the questions, you could make up some questions of your own for this problem.



Watch the video clip from the film Charlie and the Chocolate Factory when Mr Wonka takes the vistors into the chocolate room.  Then write your own version of this part of the story, describing what the chocolate room is like and some of the things that happen in there.  In case you need them, the children's names are Augustus Gloop, Veruca Salt, Violet Beauregarde, Mike Teavee and of course Charlie Bucket.



Join in with either Joe Wicks' PE lesson or Oti Mabuse's Boogie Beebies.



Design a chocolate treat (you will be having a go at making the treat you design at home tomorrow).  You can have a go at following one of the recipes or you could use plain biscuits and decorate these with treats. e.g. mini-marshmallows or chocolate buttons, etc.