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Wednesday 13th May

Guided Reading

For this week's guided reading I've put the next chapter (3) of "Ned and the Detectives" on PurpleMash for you to read with your parents! Make sure you take your time when reading it, it's a marathon not a race! As usual, when you have read the chapter I would like you to complete a short quiz about the text. But this week, to make things a bit different, I would like you to predict (guess) what you think will happen in the next chapter - there are no wrong answers! Now I'm not going to make you write your prediction down (unless you want to!), so I would suggest telling your mum or dad what you think is going to happen - you could even record it on your tablet so you can listen back next week and see if you were right! cool


In addition, if you haven't had a chance to have a look at the Oxford Owl books I recommended yesterday, today would be a great time to have a look! I'm led to believe that when we go back to school, due to social distancing reasons books won't be getting sent home - so these will become even more important! 


Maths - Addition Practise

The last two days have taken lots of brain power and writing, so today I’m going to give you a little bit of break by asking you to practise your addition by using Numbots!

Using the same log in as TimeTable Rockstars, I would like you to go on the challenge section first and have a go at Challenge 8. Afterwards, you can of course have a go at the story and any other challenges that you would like!



As I know you all loved the last science experiments we did, today I am giving you two more to try! Although these are two different experiments, they will both hopefully help you to make a rainbow laugh Have a go and see what happens - which experiment is your favourite and why? I would love to see photos of you all being little scientists!