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Wednesday 13th May 2020


Can you play a game of Eye Spy looking for words that start with this week's sound ‘e’.  Explore your house or garden and see what objects you can find.  Can your draw a picture of these objects and send them to us? xx


Today we would like you to start practising counting up to 20 with your child. Every morning we always counted along our number line to see how many children we had in for the day and all of the children had a good go at counting beyond twenty. The busy bee counting powerpoint game is attached again as a little warm up to begin with, however it only goes up to ten. You can use objects to help them count and let them see how many 20 looks like wink There is also an counting activity sheet and a colouring sheet.

Buzzy Bee Counting Activity

Buzzy Bee Counting Powerpoint

Can you recognise your name and have a go at writing it?

The first stage of learning names occurs when children start to recognise them! Young children begin to recognise the shape of their initial letter and often identify that first letter as “MY NAME!” They might find that initial letter in other places (separate from their names), point to it and say, “Look! There’s my name!” even if it is just the one letter.

We can do lots of things to help children's recognition of their names. In Nursery, we being the school year by labelling everything with their names and their own individual picture, so that they begin to claim ownership of that very important word! Everyday, myself and Miss Cummins used circle time as an opportunity to practice recognising not only your child's own name, but the names of all their friends too. Our next step, (along side our Jolly Phonics letter sound recognition) would be for the children to sound their names out phonetically and then when the children are comfortable with recognising and sounding out their names, the next step is to work on writing them. These steps overlap and work in conjunction with each other! 

We would like you to give your children lots of opportunities of trying to write their own names. Make it fun by introducing chalk, paint, markers, in salt trays etc. By doing this, they are also working on strengthening their hand muscles and refining their fine motor skills. You could also use wooden pegs like the photograph attached and encourage them to order the pegs correctly to spell their names...

Idea for name recognition