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Wednesday 10th June


Read page 16 and page 17 and think back to yesterday. Did Ug suggest what you expected? Do you like his idea? Then read pages 18 and 19 in which Ug starts to consider other options beyond living in caves. Look at the different Stone Age houses below. On paper, jot down any words or phrases that you might use to describe these houses. Can you include exciting vocabulary, expanded noun phrases (adjective, adjective and noun), carefully chosen verbs (which support descriptions of what the building materials do) and similes (to compare them to something else)? E.g. The grey, stone walls were as hard as a rock. 


Today we will be comparing angles, thinking about which angles are greater, less or equal to others. Please log on to Purple Mash and check your 2Do's, I have set you an ‘Ordering Angles’ activity and an ‘Acute and Obtuse Angles’ quiz. Remember a right angle is 90 degrees. An acute angle is less than a right angle and an obtuse angle is greater than a right angle. Afterwards, log on to TTRockstars and practise your times tables.



Joe Wicks Live PE lesson's are on every day from 9am.


Science - We are beginning a new topic about 'Light', open the PowerPoint and follow the instructions.

1 – First, use the activity sheet to mind map what you already know about light and write down any questions you would like to find out during our new topic.

2 - Sort the cards into two piles, which are light sources and which are not?

3 – Complete the 'What's in the bag?' activity. (Kindly ask a member of your family if they can put 5 different objects in 5 bags for you to guess using only your sense of touch.)

4 – Complete the paragraph on the activity sheet to explain what you understand about light and dark (you only need to complete page 1).