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Wednesday 10.06


Complete ONE of the worksheets subtracting tens from a 2 digit number.  If your child found adding different multiples of ten challenging yesterday, they can stick to subtracting 10 from 2 digit numbers.  If your child is comfortable using different multiples of 10, then use that worksheet. 



George's Grandma is very grumpy and grizzly but was she always like that?  Today you are predicting what Grandma might have been like when she was a little girl.  Use the text extract to look for clues and complete the worksheet predicting what Grandma's childhood might have been like.



Join in with Joe Wicks' PE lesson.  There is a link on the main Year 2 home learning page. 



Professor Pinwheel is here to help you feel calm by breathing deeply, especially when you feel worried or anxious.  Let go of anything that is bothering you as you breathe out.  Complete one or more of the Professor Pinwheel wellbeing activities.