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Wednesday 06.5

If you wish to send me a picture of your child holding their Union Jack flag or VE day poster to be included in Friday's surprise I would be grateful if you could send this to me today.  Many thanks.


Complete the making patterns with turns worksheet.



Words in a glossary, index or dictionary are ordered alphabetically.  Today's learning is learning how to order words alphabetically using the first and second letters.  Watch the video clip explaining how to order words alphabetically.  There is an additional video clip with the alphabet song if needed.  Then complete the alphabetical order worksheet.



Join in with Joe Wicks' PE lesson.



Follow the link to find out about the artist Piet Mondrian.  Create a piece of shape art in the style of Mondrian by cutting shapes from coloured paper (or white paper and painting or colouring the shapes).  Then arrange and stick these shapes onto a piece of white paper.  You can add black lines around the shapes or if you have coloured tape (E.g. electrical tape: any colour) you can use this to stick down your shapes and you will not need to draw around them.