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Wednesday 03.06

Story Time - The Twits by Roald Dahl

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Complete the worksheet measuring weights in grams.  

You could then try making your own balance if you wish.  There is a video showing how to make one with a coat hanger and 2 bottles, but hanging bags on each end a coat hanger and putting items in these would be even easier.



Read the extract of the story with the Roly Poly Bird's warning song. Think carefully about the Roly Poly Bird's song, you are going to gather ideas for your own verse today and write this tomorrow.  Think of things the Roly Poly Bird might say to the other birds and write these in the speech bubbles.  Then think of words that rhyme with hugtight, pie, glue and tree and write these down (remember that Roald Dahl made up his own words to use in his stories so you could do the same).



Join in with Joe Wicks' PE lesson.



Use the PowerPoint to learn more about Pentecost and how it is the birthday of the Church.  Then complete the worksheet.  If you wish you could also write your own prayer to the Holy Spirit (this is an optional activity).