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Wednesday 01.07


Complete the worksheet finding unit fractions of amounts.  The children can draw groups to split the number between or use their division facts if they recognise 1/4 of 20 as being  the same as 20 ÷ 4.



Have another look at the first page from the story Leaf (see below).  Think about where the bear might have come from and why he might be floating over the water.  What will happen when he reaches the shore?  What will the land be like?  Who will he meet?  Write and illustrate the next page of the story (next page only).  I haven't included paper on this occasion to give the children the freedom to decide how they want their page to look.



Join in with Joe Wicks' PE lesson.



The next lesson on celebrations is about the Sacrament of marriage.  The Powerpoint teaches that the promises made in a marriage ceremony are intended to be for the rest of the bride and groom's lives, while acknowledging that this is not always easy.  As a Catholic school this is how we would teach the pupils about marriage.  However you may wish to word this differently with your own children.