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Wed 6th Jan 2021

Story Time with the Authors.


Copy and paste the link below to take you to a page which provides QR code links to popular stories read by the authors on YouTube.





The Blue Penguin feels just like a penguin, but the other penguins won't be his friend.

"You're not like us", they say. How can he convince them that he is one of them?


Listen to the story:

The Blue Penguin read by the author Petr Horacek


Discuss, with your child, the issues in this magical heart-warming story about the power of friendship.


Think about some cold wintry words together.


Support your child to try to write their own cold wintry words that would be fabulous to display on our 'Icy Winter World Interest Table'.

Encourage use of phonic knowledge to help them.


A copy of the maths planning for the day will be posted. Most of the content will be ok for you to use at home. 



Let's get moving with Banana Banana Meatballs...