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Wed 3rd Feb 2021

Good morning Reception, to a band new day!


Go to Google Classroom/Reception/Class works to access your daily phonics lessons for your child's group, for home learning.


The reception key worker children, in school, will access the same phonics lessons, for their particular group, each day.

Work through this activity with your child to practise speaking and writing simple sentences.

Write down any simple sentences your child says so that he/she can see you forming the letters and saying the sounds as you go.


Let your child have a go at writing some of the words independently. Help them to hear the sounds in the words and encourage them to write down some of those sounds.


It is not an expectation, at this stage, for your child to be able to write full sentences with all the words spelt correctly and with full punctuation so don't worry, just let them have a go.


Also, encourage your child to  copy your sentence that you have 'modelled' for them. Talk about the capital letter at the beginning, the finger spaces, the full stop to show the sentence has finished and the fact that it makes sense. Have fun deliberately saying your child's sentence in a jumbled up way and ask, "Does it it makes sense?". Then say it again, not jumbled up, so that they understand what 'makes sense' means.





Curriculum Vehicle - Winter Weather - All About Igoos

Remember and think about the lesson from Monday when we learnt about the Inuit people of the Arctic.  Discuss a form of housing the Inuit people use for shelter. 



Share the information pdf below about igloos.


Watch the footage of the making of an igloo.


Encourage your child to have a go at the step by step drawing of an igloo.

For Kids: How to Build an Igloo

Igloo House Drawing Easy || How to Draw Igloo