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Wed 27th Jan

Good morning everyone! Happy Wednesday!

Great Way to Start the Day | Jack Hartmann Start the Day Song | Kids Stretching Song

Start the day out right by stretching your brain and body in Great Way to Start the Day by Jack Hartmann. Stretch your way into the day and get oxygen out ...


Phase 2 Phonics | Tricky Words | Blending to Read

Phase 2 Phonics | Tricky Words | Blending to ReadThis is a video I use to support the children in my class and their parents with understanding how to read c...

NB:   Where I can, I will save any power points as a PDF, as an additional document, for those of you who can not access power points on your devices X

Winter Themed Early comprehension activity.


Read the instructions given and add information to the picture.



Understanding the World

Keeping Warm in the Winter


Discuss how we try to keep warm during the winter.


Look at the Winter Clothes Power Point or PDF. 


Activity: cut out pictures of items of clothes and sort into two groups - summer clothes/winter clothes.

Finally, play the ‘What’s Missing?’ Winter Clothes game.