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Wed 24th Feb 2021

Hello and a happy Wednesday to you all!

Let's welcome in the new day...

Wednesday Song

Phonic Time!

Alphablocks - Letter Sounds! | Set 1 | Compatible with Read, Write inc.

Now...Sit at a table if possible, tucked in with paper and a writing pencil.

Set 1 Spelling - spell and write words using Fred fingers

This film was first shown on 18.06.2020. Watch Sara teach children how to spell words containing Set 1 Speed Sounds.
Children can write along with Sara.


We are going to learn about speech bubbles today...


First, open up the Goldilocks document and follow the instructions talking to your child about the speech bubbles.


Next, remember the story of The Bog Baby from yesterday. Discuss what happened. If your child can not remember, listen to it again on the Tuesday lesson page. Think about what the Bog Baby may have said if he could talk in the story. Discuss several different options e.g. how do you think he felt being taken away from his home?


Now, open The Bog Baby speech bubble document. Print it off if you can, if not, just draw your own speech bubble on plain paper.  Support your child in writing something inside the speech bubble the Bog Baby may have said in the story if it could talk.



Good afternoon song - Sing along to this much loved favourite of our class.

Provided to YouTube by CDBabyGood afternoon song ยท Dale and Diana Hudson and Loren Wilkens with the Hawaiian ChildrABC's of Friendship and Peace Children's S...

Expressive Art & Design  -  Bog Baby


Get creative with The Bog Baby!


Paint a picture, use collage materials, build a model. Use any media you like to create The Bog Baby or Bluebell Wood or The Magical Pond. Let your imagination run wild!! 


Have lots of fun!! x