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Wed 10th Feb 2021

Happy Wednesday!

There's  an opportunity to make Oliver's Vegetable Soup later today - check out the recipe below.

A jolly little song to start a very wintry Wednesday


Go to Google Classroom/Reception/Class works to access your daily phonics lessons for your child's group, for home learning.


The reception key worker children, in school, will access the same phonics lessons, for their particular group, each day.

NB: I have been informed that this week should be assessment week for all children but with our current situation, this is obviously going to be difficult.

So, consolidate your child's learning to date by recapping and practising all prior learning .


Share the story of The Carrot Club.

Use the talk cards to ask the children questions about the story to support their comprehension skills.


Draw a picture of Clive the carrot and write a simple sentence about him.


Remind the children about capital letter, finger spaces and a full stop.



Carrot Club Talk Cards


The Vegetable Song | Vegetables Are Yummy! | Fun Kids English

Re–call the story of Oliver’s Vegetables:


What did Oliver only like to eat at the beginning of the story?

Which vegetable did Grandpa tell Oliver he had to find in Grandpa’s vegetable garden?

Can you list all the vegetables Oliver ate while he was at his Grandpa’s house?



This afternoon (if you are able) we we would like you to make Oliver’s Vegetable Soup.

Follow the recipe and let your child help you make some soup and enjoy.

The children can help chop some of the vegetables and help you follow the instructions on the recipe.

How to make Oliver's soup.