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Wed 06.01.21

Wednesday 6th January '21


Follow the Powerpoint for today.  Read the next part of Traction Man is Here, complete the short activity on using commas and today's writing about Traction Man's journey to Granny's house and receiving his Christmas present from Granny.  Your child will again need paper and a pencil to complete their work.



Today's lesson is about dividing by sharing.  Make sure that your child recognises the sign for division, as they may not already be familiar with this, and that they are starting to understand that division is splitting a number equally into groups (make sure they understand that a division number sentence will start with the biggest number).

Watch the video clip and then complete today's activities.  To extend their learning, your child could use objects of a similar size E.g. toys, DVDs, pasta pieces, etc to share into equal groups in different ways.



Cosmic Yoga activity.



This is the first lesson on our materials unit.  The children are learning to identify which material/s different objects are made from.  Watch the short video clip and then complete the activity.  The children need to choose a room at home and identify which materials different objects in that room are made from.

English powerpoint

Maths Activity