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Tuesday 9th June


Read pages 14 and 15 and some of page 16 up to when Dug says, “You can’t stop animals from running away! They're frightened. They don't want to be killed and eaten.” What could Ug suggest to overcome this problem? Make a list of ideas for how these Stone Age people could make capturing and eating the animals easier. Select one idea that you can develop further. What makes that the most effective solution? Is it the ease with which it could be accomplished? Is it the range of resources or the time required to set it up? Is it the plan with the most likely possibility of success? You need to try and persuade me that your idea is the best. Write a persuasive paragraph to tell me your idea. Use the persuasive word mat to help you.



Today we are learning about right angles in shapes. Use the video below to learn about the angle family. Remember a right angle is a quarter turn and must be exactly 90 degrees. Please complete the worksheet below. Sometimes it helps if you turn your paper around to help you to spot all of the right angles.



Joe Wicks Live PE lesson's are on every day from 9am.


Geography - Have you ever seen a volcano? Do you know any famous volcanoes from around the world? Use google maps to locate the world’s most famous volcanoes and label them on the worksheet. You only need to complete the first sheet in the pack. The answers are below if you would like to check.