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Tuesday 5th May


- Write a number of different phase 3 sounds (including digraphs (2 letters making one sound e.g. /ch/) and trigraphs (3 letters making one sound e.g. /igh/) on separate pieces of coloured paper or card (the more the better!)

You could cut these into circular or square shapes, although normal A4 will be fine - I'm sure you're busy enough!

Arrange your cards in a trail along the floor (this could be a rainbow shape, a winding path or just organised chaos!)

- Each turn, your child should roll a dice to find out how many spaces to jump - when they have jumped that number of spaces, they should name the letter name (e.g. as in the alphabet song) and the letter sound (the sound the letter, digraph or trigraph makes) of what they have landed on!

(Instructions inc. pictures)


Phase 3 sounds: 


Maths - Recognise, Read and Write Numbers to 100

Today we're going to have a go at using a lesson from the Oak Academy, an online classroom that the government have created in response to the lockdown - leaving politics out of it, but if you think it's rubbish let me know! We're going to practise recognising, reading and writing numbers to 100 - your children will already be familiar with the numbers to 50, this lesson takes it a step further. I know lots of them will already be confident doing this and that's great! Take this as an opportunity to really hit home what a number actually means - e.g. 53 isn't just too weird squiggles with a name, it means 5 tens and 3 ones, and there's loads of different ways you could show that!


The website has got a starter activity, before you can watch an online video lesson. After that, there are some activities for your child to complete before doing a little quiz to test what they've learnt! Let me know how you find it smiley (Please note, Miss Sidhu is NOT me recording a video from home, my hair has got longer in lockdown but not quite that long wink)



I know you've been using your computers and tablets lots while you've been at home, so now is a good time to get even better at using them! I also know that it's hard to keep in touch with people at the moment, so I thought we could practise our mouse and typing skills while practising how to use emails!


Using the 2Do I have set on Purple Mash, you will be able to see a simple version of an email inbox. With your parents help, you will be able to see how to open and read emails, write emails to reply to people and even add pictures to send! Don't worry if it doesn't let you save, I can still see your brilliant work!


Afterwards, maybe you would like to send an email to someone that you haven't seen for a while! smiley



Every morning Joe Wicks is hosting a live PE lesson on his YouTube channel at 9am. Don't worry if you can't wake up that early, they are on YouTube all day!