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Tuesday 5th May 2020


s a t p i n m

Continue to practise these sounds regularly using your flash cards and thinking of things that begin with each sound. Finding things around the house beginning with these sounds and practise forming the letter shapes using lots of different resources (write the letter shapes on a tray or flat surface in sand/sugar/salt. Make the letters out of play dough, pastry, salt dough.

Hear, say and recognise the initial sounds in c and k words. Read Jolly Phonics story and sing the song ~ learning the action. Children to spot items beginning with c and k in the story illustration.  Air write letter shapes together using your magic finger and write the letter shape on the palm of our hand or in the air.

(Remind the children that there are two different letter shapes but they both make the same sound.)



The maths worksheet attached below is a great way to encourage children to explore the addition concept of adding more. On this addition worksheet, children are encouraged to draw minibeasts to add more of each type of minibeast and then count the totals. This practical activity allows children to explore the concept of adding more as some minibeasts are already shown and then children add the extra minibeasts by drawing spiders, butterflies, caterpillars, bees, snails and ladybirds into the boxes on the page. Children can then count the total number of each type of minibeast to practise addition. Encourage children to talk about how many minibeasts are shown on the sheet, how many more are added and how many there are in total. A lovely addition worksheet to encourage young children to explore the concept of adding more.



Can you make your own spider to live in the garden with your caterpillar and ladybird?

have attached a craft idea at the bottom of the page.  Milly says she is going to help me make one too, so I'll be posting a photograph later today.



Have a go as Spider Power Yoga compilation smiley

The sun is going to be shining tomorrow...make sure you get plenty of fresh air and exercise outside to keep you fit and healthy.


Adding more mini beasts