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Tuesday 5th May

Fun with Phonics  - Daily Practise

Practise Phases 2,3,4 phonic sounds

Have fun with

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Train Your Brain

Good for learning to read tricky words.


Provide some circles of coloured or plain paper, each with a letter on. Encourage your child to explore word building to make ‘caterpillars’ words. They could arrange the circles to spell out their name and other words from the story and then draw a face on their word caterpillar on the first circle.


Patterns with Number Blocks. 

Look at the Number Blocks episode:



Choose 2 different colours of paint and make stripes across the paper in the 2 colours. Remember to change colour each time to make it a repeating pattern.


Can you use the paint to make patterns with spots or circles?


 How many different patterns can you make with 3 colours of paint?

Understanding the World

 Expressive Art & Design


Encourage the children to make some transient butterfly or caterpillar models using natural materials, e.g. leaves, flowers, petals and feathers.


Challenge them to make models and sculptures, then record their work by taking photos of the finished creations.


 Banana Banana Meatballs


Joe Wicks and his wife - live P.E. lesson on his YouTube channel at 9am.

Don't worry if you can't wake up that early, they are on YouTube all day!