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Tuesday 2nd June

Good morning Year 5!


Thank you to everyone who joined me on Google Classroom yesterday, it was lovely to have a catch up and to get some of our learning done together. 


For today (Tuesday) we have a change of format to our English lessons. I will give you all 30 minutes to get the necessary reading done for the session, so that we can begin as soon as I come on. This means that the session will begin at 11.30 and last for half an hour. Please make sure that you come in to the session fully prepared for this. I have the recorded reading linked on this page, so please make use of this!


So... I hope you have all noticed that I add in a Bible verse on most, if not all days that we meet together. I don't know about you, but when I keep the scripture in my mind,t I find myself being much closer to God, which completely changes my outlook. Today's verse is taken from Matthew chapter 5 and calls us to be salt and light in the world... so let's unpick that a little...


What are the purposes of salt? 

I thought of it as a preservative (stops food from going bad)...

As a seasoning, makes food taste good...

As a healer- add some salt to a wound, and it will be quicker to heal and is great at fighting infections...


What are the purposes of light?

We need light to see...

We need light for all life to grow... 

We need light to keep us safe in the dark...


They're what I thought of, but I'm sure that you have many more which you can think of! 


So, if we are called to be salt and light, what does that mean for our actions? I'll leave you to ponder that and move on to what we need to do for today:


9.30am- Google Classroom Maths

11.00am- Read or listen to chapter 2 of Goodnight Mister Tom

11.30am- Google Classroom discussion and English work together- again- I will save the PDF, so that work can be completed after the session if needed.

Movement Blast (Link at bottom of page too)   

History- Exploring Propaganda (Link at the bottom of page)


I look forward to seeing you all shortly.


Stay safe 


Mrs Thorley yes


GNMT Chapter 2.mp4

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