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Tuesday 28th April

The Ladybird and the Caterpillar at Mrs Little's house!!

Ladybird Maths Activity

What you will need to make your ladybird

Good morning!! A huge well done and thank you for all of the home learning activities, emails and photographs we have received over the weekend and yesterday.  It's so lovely to see that you are enjoying completing the activities with your children, you are all doing a fantastic job and I'm sure that you are as proud as we are with all of the work that the children are completing!!  Each week we will be making a telephone call to you all to ensure you are all ok and to answer any questions that you may have about the home learning.  Thank you so much for the continued love and support to us both, it is very much appreciated.  We really do miss you all so much!! 

Lots of love 

Mrs Little and Miss Cummins 




s a t p i n

Continue to practise these sounds regularly using your flash cards and thinking of things that begin with each sound. Finding things around the house beginning with these sounds and practise forming the letter shapes using lots of different resources (write the letter shapes on a tray or flat surface in sand/sugar/salt. Make the letters out of play dough, pastry, salt dough.


Sound of the week is ‘m’

Share the jolly phonics ‘m’ story and song with your child.  How many things can you think of that begin with ‘m’? Can you cut out pictures from old magazines or catalogues that begin with the ‘m’ sound? Stick them onto A4 paper and send a photo to me.




You will need a dice, (if you don’t have one, you can choose numbers at random)  Template of a ladybirds. (please see attached)

Ladybird game – Children to roll the dice (or you give them a number if you don't have a dice) and encourage children to draw  the corresponding spots on their ladybird templates.



Can you make your own ladybird, another mini beast to live in the garden with your caterpillar?

My little assistant Milly Little made one for you to have a look's really quite simple.  However if you haven't got the resources at hand please do not feel pressured to do this straight away.  It's an activity that can be saved for another time, so please do not feel pressured.

There is a photo attached of what you will need.  Milly insisted on painting the body of the ladybird black!! wink