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Tuesday 24.3


This work continues with our learning from last week on tally charts and pictograms.  Pupils have to interpret pictograms.  Help your child to identify the key words in the question and underline these.  E.g. altogether and more than.

If your child finds this particularly easy and completes it quickly, have a look at the daily problem (Day 16).  Page 1 is the year 2 problem, the other is aimed at KS2.  These are multi-step problems and many children will find these difficult.  There is no expectation to complete the daily problem.



Two worksheets focussing on using subordinating conjunctions to join two simple sentences in a compound sentence.

Start with 'complete the sentence' then 'subordinating conjunctions'.

Each worksheet has 3 levels (1 star to 3 star).  Pick the level that you think is most appropriate for your child.



Try a  Cosmic Yoga session. Have a go at the Pokemon adventure or the Frozen session.



This work carries on with our recent work on materials.  Keep a tally chart of your family's recycling.

Research a scientist and complete a factfile for them. If you remember we looked at Charles Mackintosh and his invention a few weeks ago.