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Tuesday 21st April

Hello Year 3! I hope you enjoyed getting back into your school work yesterday, I've been really impressed with all of the work I've received so far. Just to let you know, I will be in school today helping to look after the children of key workers, so there will be a delay in replying to your messages. (For anything urgent please contact the school office on:



Today I would like you to log on to Purple Mash and complete your 2Do's. Please read Chapter 1 of 'The Sleeping Volcano' and then answer the multiple choice questions. Afterwards, please complete the open ended questions from the sheet at the bottom of the page. 



Please use the links below to watch the video for ‘Equivalent Fractions (1)’ and then complete the worksheet.



Joe Wicks' Live PE lessons will be on youtube from 9am and they are available to access any time of the day.

Or you could use the link below to take part in 'Harry Potter Cosmic Yoga'. 



Geography - 

In our new geography unit we will be exploring what is under the earth’s surface. Look at the PowerPoint and video below to learn more. Can you create a model showing the inside of planet earth? You could use the sheet, play dough or an idea of your own.