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Tuesday 21st April

Thank you to everyone who emailed photographs into us today, it is so lovely to see you all happy and safe at home.  All photographs are shared on our school Facebook page and on the school website page in the normal Nursery Class Page in the rainbow icon for Home Learning.  Well done to you all for your hard work today! Myself and Miss Cummins are very proud of you all xx



Please continue to start your day with our morning prayer as we did yesterday.


Outdoor activities for the day

It is really important, especially when the weather is so nice, to get outdoors into the fresh air.  In Nursery the children are expected to bounce, throw, catch and kick a ball.  This is a great opportunity for you and your child to keep practising, starting at a close distance to each other and then increasing the space as your child improves.  

I have put a link below for Cosmic Kids Yoga - The Very Hungry Caterpillar,  please copy and paste into your browser, the children will love it!!



s a t p i

Continue to practise these sounds regularly using your flash cards and thinking of things that begin with each sound. Finding things around the house beginning with these sounds and practise forming the letter shapes using lots of different resources (write the letter shapes on a tray or flat surface in sand/sugar/salt. Make the letters out of play dough, pastry, salt dough.


Sound of the week is ‘n’

Share the jolly phonics ‘n’ story and song with your child.  How many things can you think of that begin with ‘n’? Can you cut out pictures from old magazines or catalogues that begin with the ‘n’ sound? Stick them onto A4 paper and sent a photo to me.



Can you complete the caterpillar? (see the attached photo).  You can draw your own caterpillar face and add the correct number of fingerprints to complete his body.  You can use paint and your fingerprint or, if you don’t have paint you can use a crayon.  If you can also email me if this is easier and I can email you a printed sheet, that you can print off yourselves.



Can you make your own Hungry Caterpillar from an empty egg box?

You will need an empty egg box, green and red paint, googly eyes or black and white paint or felts tip pens, pipe cleaners, twigs, or a straw for the antennas.  Myself and my daughter Milly, had a go at making one today, she really enjoyed it.  Here are a few photographs of how we made it...we only had a small egg box so we stapled the two pieces together to make one long caterpillar...




Milly decided that our caterpillar needed to live in our tree in the garden!!!smiley