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Tuesday 21.4


Continue to practise multiplication and division facts for the 2x, 5x and 10x tables where there are gaps.

If there are few or no gaps in the recall of these facts start to learn the 3x table using the worksheet.

Play the game Four in a Row to help (there are versions with and without the 3x table).  There is a short video describing how to play the game.



Look for something in your surroundings that interests you and catches your attention (E.g an animal or flower).  This could be done by looking out of your window or by spending time in your garden.

Use the ideas sheet to gather words to describe this object.  Don't worry if some boxes have more ideas in than others.  You will be using these ideas tomorrow.



On Cosmic Kids Yoga try the Squish the Fish adventure.



Draw a more detailed sketch of the object you chose for English this morning.  You could even try sketching it a few times and choosing your best sketch.  Add colour to your sketch.

Four in a Row

Still image for this video