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Tuesday 19th May 2020

Good Morning! We hope you had a lovely day yesterday and enjoyed the home learning activities!

We look forward to receiving your photographs today to share with our wonderful school community heart

Lots of love

Mrs Little and Miss Cummins



s a t p i n c k e

Continue to practise and try hard to remember these sounds regularly using your flash cards and thinking of things that begin with each sound. Finding things around the house beginning with these sounds and practise forming the letter shapes using lots of different resources (write the letter shapes on a tray or flat surface in sand/sugar/salt. Make the letters out of play dough, pastry, salt dough.

Hear, say and recognise the initial sounds in ‘h’ words. Read Jolly Phonics story and sing the song ~ learning the action.  Children to spot items beginning with ‘h’ in the story illustration.  Air write letter shapes together using your magic finger and write the letter shape on the palm of our hand or in the air.



This fun and cute sorting activity helps test your children's ability to recognise and differentiate between different minibeasts.

Can they tell which ones have legs and which ones don't, then sort them into the right category?  You will need your super cutting and sticking skills for this smiley




Can you make your own snail to live in the garden with your caterpillar, ladybird, spider and bee? We have attached few ideas underneath, however, you can be as creative as you want to for example, lego, play dough etc.  We cannot wait to see them!!