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Tuesday 19th May

Morning! Just a couple of quick notes:


1. I've changed the assignments on PurpleMash so that you can access everything we've done previously, just in case you want to go over anything over half-term or if there's anything they particularly enjoyed playing smiley Apologies if this makes today's 2Do a little harder to find!


2. Just another reminder that if you'd like to send in a picture or short video to say hello to all your friends, could you email them to me by the end of the week please! smiley I'd love to make a little video over the weekend so all the kids can see each other, more than happy to use a picture you've sent in previously though if you haven't got time! (If your child hasn't got photo permission, don't worry! A little note or piece of artwork with their name on will be fine smiley)


Thanks, Mr F

Phonics - the Mystery of the Astronaut

You all did such a fantastic job of catching the naughty pirate last week, I thought for today’s phonics lesson you’d be perfect to solve another mystery! This one has lots of different puzzles to decide which astronaut should be sent to space! This week’s mystery uses some different phonics skills from last week (like split digraphs e.g. /a_e/ makes the "A" sound). Make sure to tell me when you decide which astronaut to send to space! If this takes you more than one day to complete, that is completely fine - you can do one puzzle a day if you would like.


Maths - Money - Recognising Notes

Today, we are going to take a step up from coins and learn to recognise and know the value of all the different UK notes!

How many different notes can you think of already? What is the big difference between coins and notes? Why do you think we use notes?


To help you learn all the different notes, here's another video for you to watch:

Like yesterday, if you have real notes to hand it would be a good idea to let your child have a close look at them! Don't worry, I’m not expecting you to be showing them £50 notes, but I mean, well done if you have that option!


To test your knowledge, I've attached a simple worksheet for you to complete smiley


Computing - Coding

Coding is a really important part of computing - it’s what makes computers work! All of the games you play and websites you go on need coding to make things work - and today we’re going to do some coding of our own!


Today we are going to focus on creating algorithms - simply, a series of instructions that make things happen! For example, an algorithm for brushing your teeth would look like (pick up your toothbrush > turn on the tap > wet the brush > put toothpaste on the brush > open your mouth > brush your teeth). But it's really important to be specific with your instructions  - if you didn't put "open your mouth" in your algorithm, you'd be rubbing toothpaste all over lips and you'd have a white moustache like Father Bob! Algorithms for computers work just the same! 


I have set a 2Do on Purple Mash for you - there are videos and instructions to help you. You will be creating an algorithm to create a moving fish tank! Let me know how you get on!



Every morning Joe Wicks is hosting a live PE lesson on his YouTube channel at 9am. Don't worry if you can't wake up that early, they are on YouTube all day!