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Tuesday 19th May

Good morning! I will be working at the school today so there may be a short delay in replying to your emails. Have a lovely day smiley



Today we are going to continue our book 'Ug: Boy Genius'. To begin, please read the story from pages 1-5. Do you think people would have played football, tennis or cricket in the Stone Age? What other popular modern games might Ug and the other children try and play? Your challenge is to invent a game that could be played within Ug’s community. Devise an appropriate game using only the resources that might have been available. Decide whether you are going to limit yourself to only using stones, or if you will include other items that might have been available in the Stone Age (plants, wood, bones, animal skin, fur, water). You could draw and label your game or write instructions on how to play. There is a template below if you wish to use it.


We are continuing to practise reading the time to the nearest minute. Please complete the worksheet below. Remember to use your clock to help you.



Joe Wicks Live PE lesson's are on every day from 9am.


Geography - Can you explain how volcanoes affect people's lives? Read the PowerPoint and watch the video looking at different types of volcanoes. Would you like to live near a volcano? Read the different cards and decide if these are positive or negative reasons to live near a volcano. Which do you think is the most important reason?

Ug - Pages 1-5

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