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Tuesday 19.05


Follow the links to listen to the song and watch the video clip about telling the time to the nearest five minutes.  Make an analogue clock, either using the worksheet or finding your own way to create a clock face (paper plates work well).  Use your clock to show different times and write these times in words.  E.g. 20 minutes past 6.  Some children will find the nearest five minutes too confusing and will need to stick to making times to the nearest quarter of an hour, this is fine.  



Complete the labelling activity following up on the story read yesterday.  Then use the planning grid (or a piece of paper folded into 8 boxes) to draw 8 pictures retelling the story, a few words can be added to each box if they want to but his is not essential.  This grid will be used tomorrow.



Join in with Joe Wicks' PE lesson.

OR create one or more exercises yourself that could be included in a circuit of activities, this could be a running, jumping, throwing, catching or strength activity.  If you do this, send a video of you doing and maybe explaining your activity and I will put them together to give us all an alternative workout!



Log into Purple Mash and complete the Snail Race 2Do.