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Tuesday 12th May

Phonics - the Mystery of the Missing Treasure!

For today’s phonics lesson, you need to solve lots of different puzzles to investigate the mystery of which pirate has stolen the treasure! To solve the puzzles you need to use lots of the different skills we have practised in class like blending and using your alien word alarm! Make sure you email to tell us who the culprit is when you've worked it out!

Please note: If this takes you more than one day to complete, that is completely fine! - you can do one puzzle a day if you would like.



This website has LOADS of eBooks for you to read with your children while we don't have access to the books in school. They've been organised according to age group which will be a brilliant starting point and you can also search by reading band. Although I don't think these strictly match up with the reading bands we use in school, if you refer to the level that your child was on when we left school (although I'm sure they've all made amazing progress!) this should signpost you towards appropriate books. The website is free at the moment so will hopefully be a good addition to the books you already have at home! 


Maths - Add by Making 10

You might remember that yesterday I asked you to make sure that you had filled a ten frame before using the next one - that was because today we are looking at another strategy to help us with addition - adding by making 10!

This might seem a little bit complicated at first but I promise it will help you to make your adding that little bit faster!

Watch the video on Week 4 Lesson 1 of White Rose Home Learning, making sure you pause it after each example to discuss it with your parents - take as much time as you need until it sinks into your head. Don’t worry if it takes a bit of time, your brain is just growing!

Then you can use the worksheet to check your understanding. Like usual, practical resources will be really helpful to help too!



For today's messy activity, I would like you to make a Paper Mache globe! You will be able to use this to help you remember the different continents of the world - can you name all of them? I have attached some instructions to help you, I’m very excited to see your final creations! The instructions do ask you to leave it to dry over night so I won't expect to see any masterpieces today, don't worry laugh



Every morning Joe Wicks is hosting a live PE lesson on his YouTube channel at 9am. Don't worry if you can't wake up that early, they are on YouTube all day!