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Tues 2nd Feb 2021

CBeebies: Tuesday Song

Join in and sing along with the CBeebies Tuesday Song!Visit CBeebies at to find even more fun games and videos for your pre-sch...

Go to Google Classroom and login to find daily phonics lessons for your child's group. Click on the 'Classworks' tab at the top of the page, then click on your child's phonic group. 

The Reading Machine 2

It's a phonics reading machine to help teach kids to read.You can turn the volume down and let your children make the sounds themselves, when they are ready....


Re-cap the story from yesterday. Today we will cut out and sequence the pictures from the story but I want you to try and write some words about the picture underneath or you could try to put together a little sentence.


Dough Disco Dough Gym kids Uptown Funk

Get active with dough gym today!


Can you make some washing line prayers?

Print off or draw some different clothes shapes. Ask your grown up to help you think of some of your own prayers e.g.  they can be thank you prayers, a prayer to ask Jesus or Mary to look after someone.


Write your little prayer on the item of clothing. You can decorate the item of clothing too in any way you like.

When complete hang up/peg up your prayer on a little washing line.

Maybe you even have a clothes drier in your house where you could hang your prayer.