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Tues 19.01.21

Good morning,

The children did extremely well in their first Google Classroom sessions yesterday.  We will continue with the same timings as yesterday, starting at 9:15am.



Complete the Fast Maths in your own time.

The children will need paper for their daily 5 and power up (a ruler would also be helpful) and the sheets for the lesson


The children will need a piece of paper to jot down words in the warm up or they could use a small whiteboard and pen if they have one of these.  They will also need the sheet for the main activity.


Use the PowerPoint to recap how drums make a sound and the properties of different materials that could be used as a drum skin.  Then follow the activity sheet, investigating using different materials as drum skins and observing which work best.  Your child will need a range of materials (e.g. paper, cling film, tissue paper, foil, a balloon, etc).


Use your best drum skin to make up a rhythm/s to play.  You could use more than one container and different drum skins or different sized containers with the same drum skin to vary the sounds you can make.  You could even make up a song for your rhythm.