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Tues 12th Jan 2021

A Little Phonics Fun:

Share the 'All About Winter' power point.


Discuss what can be seen.


Look at the winter writing activity sheet.

Support your child to think of some good describing words about the pictures.

Can they think about some words to match what they can see?

Can they say what they can see in a little sentence?

Practise saying  simple sentences about what they can see.

Winter writing activity sheet

Support your child with writing some words or a simple sentence to match the pictures.

Encourage independence.  Help your child to use their phonic skills to write the letters/words they say and can hear in their little sentence.

Model-write the sentence for your child if they struggle. Let them see how you form the letters. Ask your child to tell you the sounds of the letters as you are writing them down. Finally, encourage your child to copy the sentence underneath. Ensure they use a pencil when they write.


Dough Disco

Use a good sized ball of Play Dough.

If you do not have any play dough you can make your own: