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Thursday 7th May 2020

Good morning! Tomorrow is a bank holiday so you can have a day off! We hope that you enjoy your three day weekend. To help you celebrate VE Day we have added a small powerpoint and some activities at the bottom of the page that you might like to do.  Don't forget to send photographs to us!! Have fun, lots of love Mrs Little and Miss Cummins xxx

VE Day Colouring

VE Day Powerpoint


If you haven't already done so can you complete the handwriting sheet for the letter of the week ‘c’ and 'k" in your orange phonics books.  Have a go at tracing over the letter first, then try and write the letters on your own. 


A practical Activity 

How Many Fit?  -  Find yourself different sized boxes or containers such as; a sandwich box, gift box, cereal box, shoe box or perhaps even a biscuit jar.  Choose your toys -  small world people, farm animals, zoo toys, cars, trains, dinosaurs or even perhaps princesses.

Predict - How may toys will fit into each box?  Which box will hold the most?

Now try - Were you close? How many does the box hold?  What if the toys were smaller, how would this change the amount?



Usually during the month of May, we would have had a big focus on Spring time and thinking about all the joys that come with it. In Nursery we would always have celebrated Mary, the mother of Jesus, during this month. As a whole school we would have had special assemblies and songs dedicated to Mary. We would usually have had a blue cloth on our RE prayer station as this is the colour associated with Mary.  Attached below is a link to a powerpoint of our lady's prayer for your children to learn over the next few weeks. Ask them if the can remember who Mary was and if they can remember what colour she wore?  We did lots of activities in October (the month of the Feast of the Lady of our Rosary) so the children should be familiar with this activity and the prayer as we said this in our morning prayer times.  There is also a colouring sheet of our Lady for the children to complete.

Hail Mary Colouring Sheet

Our Lady's Prayer - Hail Mary