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Thursday 30th April


Today we are going to practice adding suffixes (letters that attach to the end of words) which don't change the spelling of the root words. We are going to especially focus on adding -er and -est to words before writing sentences to show that you understand the effect that these suffixes have on the words. For example, the dog was small, the cat was smaller, but the mouse was smallest. What have the suffixes done to the words? cool

I have attached a worksheet for you to complete!


Maths - Finding Half

Watch Lesson 1 of Week 2 on White Rose Home Learning. As usual, you should pause the video and talk through each example with your child – can they find half? Can they recognise the link with sharing between 2? Today, I would like you to use practical resources to practise finding half of an amount of objects. For example, you could give them 16 lego bricks and ask them to split them into two halves. Like yesterday, your child will hopefully be able to understand that a half is “one of two equal parts” and so will be able to split the objects into two equal groups. Don’t worry about writing today - photographs would be perfect! It's also a good idea to ask them to find half of an odd number of items - can they work out why they can't do it?



Follow the link to learn about the different countries of the United Kingdom before completing the interactive activities! smiley

Optional maths work if you would like an additional challenge!