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Thursday 30th April 2020

Fun with Phonics  - Daily Practise

Practise Phases 2,3,4 phonic sounds

Have fun with    Resources / Pick a picture blending game.

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 In the story, Rosie’s Walk, can you think about anything that Rosie might have said if she spoke and can you also think about something the fox might have said?


When you have thought of something, try and write down what you think they might have said and put it in a speech bubble.


If you have a printer here is something you can use...





Problem Solving with Doubling...

10 reception children went to play together at the Play Shed.

When they got to the Play Shed there were lots of other children there from the reception class.

In fact, there were now double the amount of children from reception.

How many children from reception were there altogether?

Understanding the World

Pack a bag for sun safety.


Colour, cut out and stick important items to pack in your beach bag ready for a day out in the sunshine.


If you can’t print the activity out, try and draw the shape of a big beach bag onto a piece of paper and draw all the important things that you think will need to be packed ready for a day out in the sunshine.



 Joe Wicks - live P.E. lesson on his YouTube channel at 9am.

Don't worry if you can't wake up that early, they are on YouTube all day!