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Thursday 30th April

Good Morning smiley

Thank you for your emails and photographs today. We hope that you enjoyed your activities yesterday. 

We are working our way through telephones calls, so you should be hearing from us in the next few days.

have added another Dough Disco for you, I hope you enjoy it!!




Joe Wickes daily PE workouts

I have also attached a few fun videos which I'm sure the children will love to join in with.


Please try and continue to say your daily school prayers (beginning of the day and end of the day prayers)


At the bottom of the page I have added links to Phonics Play - Cake Bake game, and phonics games for

phase 1 and 2 (TWINKL).

Please us the following to access Phonics Play:

Username  -  march20

Password   -  home


Number skills - For today's maths activity I would like you to try and explore the Maths City in Mini Mash on Purple Mash.  You will find Maths City in the maths area, if you hover the mouse over the children sitting by the coloured blocks and click on, you can find Maths City here.  Have a go at some of the activities in there and save them if possible for me to have a look at.  I have made you all an individual tray for your work to be saved in.


As we have been looking at caterpillars and ladybirds, I thought it would be bit of fun to go on a mini beast hunt to see what other mini beasts you can find.  (Weather permitting of course wink) You can't go without a mini beast Ive attached one at the bottom of the page. The checklist has some of the most common mini beasts boxes for you to tick as you find them.  If possible can you send photographs to the nursery email.

Mini Beast Hunt Checklist